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Poems and Quotes

A Well Autobiography in Five Short Chapters

by Will Joel Friedman, Ph.D.

“The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.”

“It is not actualities, but rather the potentialities, of human nature that somehow provide us with a standard for a sound and healthy personality.”
—Gordon W. Allport


George Demont Otis     Lupin


I seek my path, the one I belong on.

There is a deep inner call beckoning.

I wonder and sometimes listen in.

I indulge thoughts and diversions, and still progress.

In my slumbering awareness, I dream possibilities.


I find my path, the one I belong on.

I hear a deep inner call beckoning.

I attune to the High Voice within; I pause reflecting,

Listening and observing more than speaking and looking,

In real present time dreams naturally unfold.


I love this way, the one of beingness—

I respond to a deep inner call beckoning—

I dialogue for understanding with the High Voice—

I spontaneously choose my will through Thy Will—

Healing occurs, dualities fade, life lives—


Knowing a natural happiness unburdened by thoughts. . .

Awakening is awake to itself and embraces everyone. . .

Sacred witnessing brings non-attached Being. . .

The “I” dissolves as timeless true identity blossoms;

Liberation, Awareness, Living, Present, Yes. . .


Emptiness cradles oneness, communion expands to infinity. . .

Hearts leap with joy finding that what was sought is who you are,

Ingesting the Beloved's qualities loved, changing one's substance,

Realizing the Reason for Being, the mountain's peak realized,

Creators with Spirit in ever-present Eternity, Self-realization, Embodiment

This well autobiography portrays five psycho-spiritual developmental stages of awakening or realization as well as embodiment or enlightenment. There is no purpose for either awakening or embodiment. Awakening is already awake to itself. Embodiment is already embodying itself. Awareness is already aware of itself. Love is already loving itself. Being is already being itself.

Our coming out of sleep into a conscious awareness in this moment opens up a juicy experience of Presence and the ability to witness all of life with non-reactive equanimity. This expands into a full embodiment of who one truly is and inhabiting the qualities, sentiments and virtues of Divinity for soul sustenance throughout infinite timelessness in the Absolute.

This autobiography is one symbolic set of developmental stages of a soul-filled life. It portrays five stages of emotional, cognitive, behavioral and relational maturation on an ever more conscious path of psychological and spiritual maturation. This autobiography depicts each incremental advance as accessible for anyone who reaches for a successful life centered upon the Divine, love, choice and the good. One's inner observing is developing the soul's voice of discovery, inner knowing is one's intuitive link to the Divine speaking within, and inner doing is one's natural blossoming in actions as one lives Truth inhabiting True Nature.

By acting out of love for the Beloved in every instance, one is fecundated with the sacred, the seeds of souls germinate, imprint and integrate divine qualities, and ultimately one's very substance is transformed, a process of transubstantiation. Less and less thought yields more and more life. It's a gift to appreciate the distance one comes and value of which one really is. The view improves each step up from the valley to the mountain's awe-inspiring pinnacle.

© Copyright 2013 by Will Joel Friedman, Ph.D.

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