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Meditations For Life

Your Healing Place of Comfort—A Supportive Meditation

© 2011 by Will Joel Friedman, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

[Originally published in Medical Hypnoanalysis Journal, 6 (1), March 1991, pages 29-32.]

That's right, simply and easily relax, and go even a little deeper, just as comfortably relaxed as will best serve you on your healing journey today. As this process naturally unfolds, like a beautiful rose gently blooms, I'd like you to project yourself and go to a beautiful, gorgeous place in the world of nature. Thinking back over your life, remember the setting you felt most alive, validated, whole, and best loved and go there.

It may be the backyard of your favorite relative, the lovely green overgrown forest you vacationed at with your family when you were a child, a rainbow water fall and gurgling stream you visited in the mountains, a relaxed windswept beach you returned to summer after summer during your teenage years; or possibly a wonderful garden awash in color you enjoyed wandering around during the springtime; or somewhere you fantasized being that you saw m a picture once, or somewhere in imagination. Let your deeper self from whence you came guide you to your place of unconditional loving support, inner sureness and "the peace that passeth all understanding"—"YOUR HEALING PLACE".

Be there now, wholly there in Your Healing Place of Comfort, with all of your senses highly attuned, aware and sharpened to everything occurring all around you, and everything occurring within you. It is the springtime of the year, the sky is a clear azure blue and you can really feel the waves upon waves of warming sunlight going deep within you like a massage of loving caresses. Within this space of supreme safety and boundless love, you can even more fully give your True Self to yourself, and completely relax into true serenity, tranquility, and inner abiding calm. . . Very, very good.

Here, in Your Healing Place, you can heal yourself with loving guidance and blessings from the source of everything. This is your place of soul return, your place to return to often and fully grow into the magnificence of WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

Today you have a unique opportunity. You have the privilege of genuinely accepting, powerfully transforming, and claiming tremendous RELIEF in your experience of pain. Let's begin by compassionately observing your pain, much like a timeless, loving witness, and see yourself listening to the deeper inner messages that are available in this bodily feedback. Allow yourself to open up to the pain, releasing that holding, that tension, all your guarding and bracing that blocks your getting the real messages from within you. Don't close yourself off anymore. Rather, continually open yourself so these bodily signals can be listened to and fully received. Listen, listen closely. . . On whatever level you need to, you can be aware of these life-support messages, and be able to take necessary corrective actions when you are ready, even today and now.

Now you can slowly distance and remove your mind from the pain. In Your Healing Piace, your body remains and your mind goes on a vacation called. . . RELIEF. Here you can accurately report on your bodily sensations to whoever needs to know, freed from the suffering pain as your mind goes on this very pleasant holiday. You feel the letting and yielding to relief as your discomfort level lowers a notch, and even more.

Whatever pain remains is now available to further change. I don't know if you will choose you change it into a numbing sensation. . . or a warm feeling. . . or a tingling. . . or an electrical feeling. . . or a mild itching. . . or a coolness. . . or even into pleasure. Take a few moments to have your Higher Self choose one or more new sensations with which to replace pain. Utilize all the natural and material resources available in Your Healing Place of Comfort to aid this change powerfully occurring. You might use an aquamarine ribbon waterfall to provide coolness exactly where you need it, or gather the golden rays of warm sunlight to bring a deep heat to those muscles and joints that could really use it.

Some people find that rubbing the hurt spot very effectively releases these new, preferred sensations like a switch turns on a light. If this is appropriate for you, then take your right or left hand and place it on the hurt. As you begin very slowly and carefully and lovingly massaging this spot, feel the new sensations gradually coming present. As your hand helps release the chosen sensations, your hands return to being fully natural and normal. Let this come to some completion for now, knowing that you can choose to linger here as long as you find it nurturing and supportive. The pain and hurt have become more of a discomfort as you feel it go down another notch.

Remember anything or anyone who really helped you reduce your discomfort, and know that you can have this exact experience or procedure again within yourself. If the tingling vibration of a TENS unit, the deep muscle massage of a physical therapist, the adjustment of a chiropractor, a revealing session with your therapist, or a nerve block has offered relief, then it is time to be able to have this relief again. You now can recreate that very experience in great passionate detail. Go where you found relief, making it very real and enlivened for yourself. That's right. Or if resting by a crackling fire, bundled up in your favorite cozy wool sweater with a dear friend quietly nearby, aided you in feeling COMFORT, then you now re-experience this wonderful feeling once again. Ahhh. . . As you create this most effective help, this time in Your Healing Place of Comfort, you will find this HELP and COMFORT lasting so very much longer than before, much much longer, hours, days, and even longer still.

With any remaining discomfort, you can choose to transfer it to another part of your body that can better bear it. Perhaps your little finger on your left hand can better handle your remaining neck discomfort, or your big toe on your right foot can better tolerate that persisting tightness in your lower back or head. As you now pick that body part that can better cope with this residual discomfort (if any is still present) you can gently begin this transfer.

As you successfully stay in this process, keep creatively drawing upon all the healing resources from Your Healing Place of Comfort. As you practice doing this better and better every single day, you will perhaps find yourself able to transfer pain at will. You'll discover your secret ability to diminish your pain or discomfort, much like going to the master switch inside your central nervous system and turning the main pain dial Down, down, down…just as Low, low, low as is most fitting and comfortable for you right now. As the overlooked inner distress Drains out of injured body areas, choose possibly to give it over to a Higher Power for composting and recycling. Feel the Release, the Letting Go, the Draining of whatever mild discomfort is still there. Yes, good.

Coming out of this experience, you will find that any residual discomfort will gradually decrease over time. You will notice a new balance coming into focus within you. Greater loving attention can be aimed outside of you, creating a sweeter balance of caring support for your TRUE SELF, and caring interest about others; all nurtured by an all- embracing Divine Light. Rest easy in this deeply loving communion of the spirit and soak up all this vital, healing energy in Your Healing Place of Comfort, like a sponge soaking up refreshing mountain spring water to bath, cleanse, and purify, and create your BEST SELF.

George Demont Otis        Rocky Coast

Know that you will remember and often practice, by your choice, all that is most Healing and Relieving from this experience. You will release and forget all that is best released and forgotten from this experience as well. Once again, know that you can return as often as you desire to Your Healing Place of Comfort and gain even greater and longer-lasting pleasant relief. RELIEF that helps you remember, experience, and know who you truly are. Now be at gentle peace with your body, calm with your mind, balance with your energy, and harmony with your soul. . .

© Copyright 2013 by Will Joel Friedman, Ph.D.

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