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Meditations For Life

Sanctuary—A Supportive Meditation

© 2011 by Will Joel Friedman, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

 [Originally published in Medical Hypnoanalysis Journal, 11 (2), June, 1996, 61-67.]


This hypnotherapy script is intended to extend safety and security from your immediate environment into your entire daily life. It was created to support individuals in bringing a level of inner peace, self-assurance and faithing into all arenas of their lives. Oftentimes, without securing this life priority, other potentially healing avenues are precluded or made much harder to successfully access. Abraham Maslow (1970) with his hierarchy of needs, William J. Bryan (1961, 1962, 1964) with his order of importance of things in survival, and Scott, Sr. (1989, 1993) with his expanded rank order of life priorities acknowledge the importance of addressing the fundamental need of safety and security (Maslow) and physical survival (Bryan and Scott, Sr.). This script is designed to literally help the transformation of the "normal" state of stress-filled, anxious "existence" into a state of "high-level wellness" in which good stress or "eustress" is most prominent in flowing "living," contributing and fulfilling.


Yes, very well, very well relaxed...with all you are...it's your time...it's your place...it's your choice...attuned to all your wonderfully sensitive senses in providing the exact feedback from within and without that's so very necessary in making excellent decisions in our lives. It's now yours, if you will, to build, yes, to create your secure, enlivened, most lovingplace for your life, and living it with passion, with desire...with satisfaction...and most vitally, with fulfillment.

It's yours, this life, for the taking, the cherishing. Somewhere invincibly protected, and not in jeopardy from any threat...somewhere of your very own construction, forming exactly what you most desire...somewhere you truly belong inside of you.

You can now tune in to your individual contribution, your singular gift that ties together all the myriad gifts placed so lovingly within you, your heartfelt artistry in now designing a delightful, most warmly loving SANCTUARY. Be right where you are, expressing your true self. Know you can be at "home", deep and abiding "home", wherever you are, everywhere you are, like being your sanctuary inside of you, with you wherever you are, everywhere you are.

Create your dwelling into a sanctuary called "HOME"...your relations into a sanctuary called "FAMILY"...your car or other transportation into a sanctuary called "TRANSPORT"...your work into a sanctuary called "CALLING"...your neighborhood into a sanctuary called "COMMUNITY"...your associates into a sanctuary called "FRIENDS"...and your fellow humans into a sanctuary called "BROTHERS AND SISTERS". Come build your "HOMING IMAGE"...with all accompanying sensitivities of attuning your listening. . . envisioning the graphics...feeling the textures...deeply inhaling fragrances...sampling the tastes...and simply knowing inside what all this actually stands for. Come build your life just the way you most image it would look like, feel like and be like. As in all that is real, start right where you are...let this be wholly yours. . .

First, in imagination, place both your capable, strong hands onto the appearances of your life, like a master potter would confidently grasp his or her big-bellied clay pots. Take your experience-shaped, knowing arms and hands and begin enlisting all your knowledgeable muscles and nerves in remolding...remodeling...and refashioning these mere appearances...and now onto deeper layers to the underlying substance and real character you most deeply yearn for, by your own enlightened choice this time. Begin to ever more clearly and solidly reveal...reveal YOUR CORE SELF, YOUR ESSENTIAL SELF.

George Demont Otis        Summers Day

Next...see, hear, feel, sense, taste, breath and intuit what needs clearing and releasing...to bring this TRUEST YOU into reality. That's right, clear anything that hides who you actually are...just as a sculptor removes all the marble hiding his or her envisioned creation. Just the same, clear anything not necessary...anything that blocks…anything that escapes the truth of YOU. What is now revealed...is YOUR BEST, FULFILLED SELF, IN YOUR "INNER SANCTUARY" to spread throughout your entire life. Magnificent.

Take the land of your being, your home base, your ground of being...and begin the clearing of all stray underbrush...gathering it all together...loading it onto huge trucks...sending them on their way to recycle it all usefully. Let the grading and leveling of your land begin...with the earth being moved this way...and then that way...until its even and in balance everywhere...then let it be packed down so it is solid as the roller goes back and forth, back and forth...so it is all firm, well-packed, solid and secure Terre firma.

So now you can begin drawing up the exact location and plans for YOUR DREAM HOME...find the precise spot you passionately are uplifted, you sense your heart leap, you mind take flight...walk around it all, checking the sun's angle, the views, the compass directions...until you find your spot. Engage the architect-builder, sharing your needs, reviewing all the various floor plans...until just the right one for you and yours is brought into beautiful focus...Aahhhh...You can now finalize your plans with loved ones and begin to break ground...Now begin building YOUR DREAM HOME inside yourself...YOUR INNER SANCTUARY. As it precisely and quickly takes form and shape, first as your vision...then as reality inside of you...Be there now...be in your own unique, uplifting, very secure place in glorious nature.

Something wondrous. . . rare and beautiful...and almost miraculous is revealed: a lovely, sweeping panorama of your greater good...YOUR GREATER SELF. . . expressing greater life...greater love. See your TRUE NATURE, your "HOMING IMAGE" OF FULFILLMENT. . . beaming, moving, vibrating...like sheer life energy flowing joyously in a passionate, committed joining and merging with the universe...all enfolding in inspired LOVE ENFOLDING LOVE EMBRACING LOVE BEING LOVE ITSELF. . .

Further...grant yourself the human prerogative to face and accept all you have denied, ignored, disliked, and projected onto others and the world, that actually belongs to you. Start to give SHEER ACCEPTANCE to ALL...like "there it is" and I can most adaptively, effectively and successfully work with it, no matter how liked or not, how wanted or not, how desired or not, JUST THERE period...all of this that can be called our "shadow"...all which is there to let in...acknowledge...appreciate...and incorporate back inside ourselves...for as we make friends, calmly create some peace with these troublesome aspects, these same difficult aspects of ourselves, our history and our lives can no longer control us, run us, hook us or determine us...that is now returned to its rightful owner...ourselves! At last!...Aahhhh, what a blessing it is to take back all aspects of ourselves, all our true gifts, real power, fullest abilities, skills, talents and genius, COMING HOME...My true, inner sanctuary...with me wherever I go...wherever I am...Ah.

Now you can honestly transform, change and passionately uplift this "shadow self" into all that is good, wholesome and true. As you imagine doing this, feel all parts of yourself coming into good order...greater alignment...greater harmony...greater focus...and greater completeness. There now...HAVING DESIGNED YOURSELF BING IN YOUR TRUE HOME, YOUR TRUE SELF...and let this come to some genuine completion.

Take this moment of timeless eternity to soak up your God-given birthright of LIFE ITSELF, the JOY OF LIVING, and the PASSION FOR LIVING IN LOVING SERVICE to all living things and our Creator...doing all with Him by your enlightened real choice...like a natural sponge would soak up crystal clear, sweet and healthy, mountain spring water...Keep filling yourself, even to overflowing, with all you can be, and all you are now accepting, selecting, choosing, respecting, honoring and giving yourself...all with the loving smile from Our Source.

Keep seeing and hearing and feeling YOUR "HOMING IMAGE" OF FULFILLMENT—YOUR VERY OWN, UNIQUE, PERSONAL, INNER SANCTUARY—where you are most loved, most strongly secure, most centered and grounded, most grateful and thankful, and most AT HOME INSIDE God's loving embrace every moment and the genuine contributions you offer...all within a marvelously harmonious, spirited dance. THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME! And there's really no place like home inside you!

Knowing that you can easily return here by simply breathing deeply your vision...and with your release of breath saying in your mind, or out loud, "AT HOME, EVERYWHERE I AM"...and this whole experience is immediately created for you once again. Breath in your "homing image" of fulfillment, fill yourself with warming rays of sunlight and fully feel the caressing love...and let your breath go, saying "AT HOME, EVERYWHERE I AM". Filling your senses to their brim, once more, breath your "homing image" in...hold...and let the breath go as you say "AT HOME, EVERYWHERE I AM". Wonderful, rest easy now.

You will find more and more rewards, even more abundant joy, broadening prosperity, passionate aliveness and authentic gratification springing forth in your life mirroring the same in those you surround yourself with, with every beat of your heart, every sensation you feel, every thought or idea you think, every movement of your body, and with every breath you fill your lungs with...Spending pleasurable time in your sanctuary is always a thrilling delight you eagerly look forward to with heightened anticipation and wonder...enjoy...in serene and excited wonderment...Aahhh. . .

Throughout your daily activities, you will naturally remember to pause from time to time to enjoy this fulfilled communion, this wonderful oneness of the spirit...in a comingling of your inside gifts and heightening desire with God's Light and Passionate Desire.

Now, effortlessly and oh so gently, slowly come back to full, normal waking consciousness. . . thoroughly refreshed and wide-awake. Bring your "Homing Image" of who you truly are—YOUR INNER SANCTUARY—back with you...inside you...to bask in...keep and treasure...enlarge and refine...build and further construct...and further fill in the details, each time you reflect upon your one-of-a-kind vision for real living. Transforming everywhere you are, everything you interact with and everyone you're in connection and relationship with into your sanctuary. Take as your loving birthright, God's gift of His Love as you deeply scoop from Him, your inner sanctuaries of "HOME". . . "FAMILY". . . "TRANSPORT". . . "CALLING". . . "COMMUNITY". . . "FRIENDS"...and "BROTHERS AND SISTERS". . . And feel the loving presence all around you, within you, flowing in and out of you. . .

George Demont Otis       Spring Sleepy Hollow

Coming all the way back, feeling super alive and well physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and on all possible levels of your being. A wonderfully relaxed JOY, one that comes from spending time in your personal inner SANCTUARY, will naturally linger on. . . Now truly being AT HOME, AT LAST where you belong. . . Are deeply cherished. . . And fulfilled as the person you were always meant to be. . . PEACEFUL. . . LOVED...WITHIN MY MOVEABLE SANCTUARY. . . WITHIN MYSELF...AT HOME, EVERYWHERE I AM.


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John A. Scott, Sr., Hypnoanalysis for Individual and Marital Psychotherapy. New York, NY: Garner Press, Inc., 1993, pages 72-93.

Biography of Author

Dr. Will Joel Friedman received his Ph.D. at Claremont Graduate School and is presently a licensed psychologist in private clinical practice in Loma Linda, California. He is a clinical member of AAMH, a Diplomate of both the American Board of Medical Psychotherapists and the American Society of Pain Management, an "Approved Consultant" of ASCH, and current president of the Los Angeles Academy of Clinical Hypnosis. Even more significantly, he is a husband to his lifetime 'bride' Dominique, a father to his deeply bonded son Gregory and a "mensch-in-training," aspiring to commune with God in everything.

 © 1987 by Eleanor S. Field, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved.

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