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Meditations For Life

Supremely Safe

A Supportive Meditation

© 2011 by Will Joel Friedman, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


Using the principles of how to effectively program your non-conscious, a hypnotherapy script is presented to help create an inner security for physical survival on a dozen different levels of visualized, auditory, kinesthetic and spiritual knowing. Each level draws upon the understanding that the foundation of all healing and meaning is to be found in the spiritual realm.

A universal and all-embracing spirituality is tapped throughout these dozen levels in creating an inner space of practically grounded, fiercely committed safety amidst the less than high-level protection the world offers. Particularly with people overwhelmed with panic, trauma, fear, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideas and meaninglessness, it is essential to help them build the necessary strong internal structures to help insure, however imperfectly, self-preservation and remaining supremely safe at all times. Oftentimes, without securing this life priority, other potentially healing avenues are precluded or made much harder to successfully access.

Abraham Maslow (1970) with his hierarchy of needs, William J. Bryan (1961, 1962, 1964) with his order of importance of things in survival, and Scott, Sr. (1989, 1993) with his expanded rank order of life priorities acknowledge the importance of addressing the fundamental need of safety and security (Maslow) and physical survival (Bryan and Scott, Sr.).


Yes, peacefulness. . . sweeping over you like warming rays of loving sunlight...like a heavenly, warm breeze in a green overgrown rain forest...like a relaxing current of warm water in an aquamarine lagoon...Ahh...Feel the warmth...experience the comfort. That's right, now go to that level of gentle, abiding relaxation that best serves you on your healing journey today...Simply and easily go there now...very good. For anyone of us to offer our best, whether it is in a performance. . . a relationship. . . in a healing visualization. . . or in daily living, it takes feeling safe and secure, the "security of safety."

Every one of us can be well served by such safety and protection, so that we can choose to set clear, enforceable, realistic limits, that is, say "NO!" and mean it. You can do this drawing the line whenever anyone is aiming to manipulate. You can certainly choose to only be in healthy environments with healthy people up to doing good things with their lives in accord with God. This is our human birthright. Let us be personally and socially inspired and uplifted by our own choosing. Our journey today will most powerfully help you get the tools for your creating the inner and outer environments for being SUPREMELY SAFE. This can help insure your continued physical survival, clearing anything other than ever higher levels of wellness and outstanding health on all levels.

Clearly in the field of psychology there is general agreement with Abraham Maslow that after the fundamental need for self-preservation is met, comes the basic need for safety and security. Next, comes higher order needs like feeling comfortable, productive, worthwhile as well as contributing to a larger purpose. Similarly, Byran and Scott, Sr. State that humans build upon desired instinctual behaviors, species sexual survival and socio-economic survival of territories and maternal urges. . . to come to meet our basic physical survival requirements, including the securing of safety. Building upon this bedrock come higher order life priorities, such as the self's survival in individual personhood and our spiritual survival with God, love and yearning for eternal life.

Of course, as with God helping those who help themselves, so you and I need to take all necessary and prudent measures to best insure our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual safety every moment by cultivating the savvy awareness...astute judgment...discerning intelligence...and careful protection everywhere...at every time...with everyone.

Being in good physical shape through excellent nutrition and regular exercise along with being able to most effectively defend yourself when necessary is both important and a security builder. Possibly taking up a martial arts discipline or periodically taking a self-defense class would also ground you in a new sureness in being very able to really count on yourself. That's a solid, sure and certain feeling. This appropriate level of cautious care for yourself and those you love actually permits a greater breadth and depth of personal freedom in the safety that comes with such structured security.

Here are a dozen powerful ways to secure safety: So now allow your Higher, Best, True Self, this direct inner connection with God, to guide and direct you to exactly that level of sweet-living, gentle calmness. tranquility and serenity that will best serve all you to grow to your utmost on this healing journey today. Also allow this most loving and wise part of you to quickly transport and project you to a most splendidly beautiful place. . .

(1) YOUR OWN BEST HEALING PLACE...Here, amidst the glorious, lush expression of nature that is all around you, you can more fully give yourself to this wonderful experience and more deeply, comfortably relax...With all your senses attuned, sharpened and highly present to everything all around you and everything all within you, be at peace and open yourself to grow by your own choice in your own good time, in your own good manner.

(2) Locate a specific spot in your healing place that is YOUR SPOT OF PERSONAL POWER—that specific place where you feel most connected with who you truly are. Go there...feel your being. Bring the carefulness, wisdom and intelligent awareness that you can continue to develop daily. Simply and easily know that you can today create as many levels of being Supremely Safe as can best serve you. Now, imagine a colored laser beam in a vital linkage from your heart through the ground to the very center of the earth...as well as another colored laser beam connection from your heart out to all living things, the stars and the universe. Strongly feel these two vital connections. . . and you can now experience the power of taut, solid ONENESS with your True Self. Image your feet realistically planted, squarely and firmly on the earth...and equally image your head extended high into the spiritual skies and universe. This "state of being related with, like kinship"—the true meaning of "relationship"—provides a tremendously connected center of inner security in the power of oneness with God, all life and the universe.


George Demont Otis        Verbenas

(3) Now let's INVOKE OUR SOURCE'S PROTECTIVE PRESENCE by passionately, powerfully and unrelentingly declaring:
"The power of God is within me,
The grace of God surrounds me,
Wherever I am, the Light of God is,
And I am completely safe, secure, and protected.
Within this holy space of Light and Love,
God is present and no harm may befall me.
I am one with Thee eternally.
Thank you, and so it is."
(1st two lines: Dass & Levine, 1976, page 103)
You can repeat this declaration of safety as often as you wish, whenever you feel and know you need it. It is so very powerful. . . Most comforting. . . and remarkably reassuring. . .

(4) Throughout this healing visualization today, ALLOW OUR CREATOR, DEAREST OUR BELOVED GOD, TO BE IN LOVING CONTROL OF ALL THAT OCCURS HERE AND TO LOVINGLY PROVIDE CONTINUED HEALING GUIDANCE for your own and everyone's best. Know this to be as true and certain as your very breath. . . your very heartbeat. . . your life now. . .

(5) Nearest your skin IMAGINE A TIGHT WEAVE OF BULLET PROOF, SWORD PROOF AND HARM PROOF FABRIC COVERING YOUR ENTIRE BODY. This fabric, looking much like long underwear, is made of incredibly strong, space age material, the type of material that would give you another tremendously sturdy layer of protection, like what is under armor. Of course, this wonder fabric still allows your skin to naturally and normally breath, while healthfully releasing toxins. See and feel the wondrous weave of this phenomenally stalwart, protective fabric covering your entire body, and feel even more secure...solid...strong. . .

(6) SCRIPTURE FIRMLY SALUTES STAYING SECURELY PROTECTED. Visualize for yourself what Ephesians (6:11-18) states: "Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand...Therefore put on the whole armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness, that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all. . . "

(7) PLACE A MIRRORED, SHINY SHIELD ALL AROUND YOU. When any wayward person, idea, or energy comes into contact with this bright shield, it is immediately and effectively rebuffed and sent back (to whoever it came from). See, hear, feel and experience another level of security and safety. . . ahh. . . Linger here awhile with your mirrored, shiny, boomeranging shield, knowing you can be and stay supremely safe. . .

(8) You can FORM A LOVING COCOON OF GOLDEN WHITE LIGHT to further create a powerfully supportive space all around you. You can feel reassured by now visualizing the sun's warming light coming down in a giant ball of light about ten to twelve feet in diameter, pleasantly hovering over your head. Slowly let this healing and loving Light from Our Maker totally surround you, going out some five to six feet in all directions, forming an immaculately protective cocoon of golden white, glowing, shimmering, sparkling Light. Know that within this Light from whence we came from and will someday return to, you are SUPREMELY SAFE, SECURE, GROUNDED, CENTERED AND PROTECTED.

This Light is of such a high frequency of spiritual energy that it will only allow those thoughts, memories, feelings, attitudes and awareness's that are most fitting and appropriate for you at this time to come in. And it will block and prevent any other thoughts, memories, feelings, attitudes or awareness's that you are not quite ready for or are not appropriate at this time. So, as you raise the intensity, saturation and brightness of this Light, really permit yourself to feel the depth and breath of being SUPREMELY SAFE, even on a more profound level now. . .

(9) You can RAISE THE INTENSITY, SATURATION AND STRENGTH OF THE LIGHT AS NEEDED for even greater inner security. At any time that you feel the need for even more protection, you can easily and quickly remember visualizing this Light and raise the intense brightness and saturation just as much as you require...Good. You can even do this on a moment's notice, taking whatever self-protective actions are called for. It is a solid, grounded feeling to know you can count on yourself to take the necessary, immediate actions more and more every day. . .

(10) Further, you can visualize and feel that THERE IS A "SEAL" THAT IS SEAMLESS AT THE OUTER EDGE OF THIS COCOON OF HEALING LIGHT. This seal constitutes another level of security, since within it only what is truly you can be, and nothing that is not in your highest and best interest can penetrate. Now, completely put in shape and secure this seamless, secure seal at the outer edge of your cocoon of Light, making sure there are no tears, holes or seams anywhere all around you. Great.

(11) Moreover you can be PROTECTED WITHIN A WHEEL OF SPIRITUAL FIRE, one that has the power to heal negative patterns of energy and transmute or transform them into a higher, more positive energy pattern. Visualize this wheel of spiritual fire in a horizontal position, parallel with the horizon, its substance a golden orange light, with your chest filled with this light as the center or hub of the wheel...and the rim or edge of the wheel as a flaming circle surrounding you from several feet away. Then, from your central place, send out, like spokes of fire, streams of light and love in every direction.

Further observe that these luminous spokes radiating from you at the center, extend well beyond the wheel's rim. Let the Light shine and flow...out these luminous spokes, around the wheel's rim, out in all directions to all life and the universe, and then back to your heart and so on...Let this circulation of protective and strengthening energy be constantly replenished, providing a mighty protection from any wayward influence, transforming all negativity into the positive and affirmative...over and over. . . Fabulous!

(12) Even beyond these levels of staying SUPREMELY SAFE, you can CREATE AND ESTABLISH A POWERFUL FORCE FIELD all around you, repelling anything that is not supportive of you. . . and enabling your most adaptive and successful evolution throughout your life. Immerse yourself into the feeling of this force field going out from you as far as you desire, possibly setting up your room or home or community as completely secure. . . a "safe room" or other healing, loving place you can remain in. . . sure, safe and secure. As the energy of this force field increases, really experience the strength and power within it. What a welcome feeling that.

Incorporate whichever approach or any combination of these powerful, effective means that can best serve you, strengthen you and empower you to create yourself SUPREMELY SAFE. Use as few or as many as your Higher Self, Best Self, God Self finds most fitting and inspiring.

When you are complete with this entire process, and knowing that you can recreate this experience anytime you take a deep breath and say "SUPREMELY SAFE" either out loud or inside, which will be often, you can tenderly and lovingly bring yourself back into the environment you were previously in. . . with numerous new skills and tools to provide you tremendous relief and steady reassurance to face any challenge life provides...and remain "SUPREMELY SAFE", always. . .

George Demont Otis        The Desert in Bloom

Slowly and gently coming back to full waking consciousness feeling terrific physically, whole and grounded emotionally, mentally alert with excellent concentration and focus, and spiritually with all the universe supporting you, loving you, guiding and directing you, cleansing and purifying you. Knowing you will remember and utilize all that is most uplifting and beneficial from this process today, and release all that is most fitting to let go of, come all the way back to being right where you need to be...As we count from 5 back to 1, awakening at the count of 1, wide-awake, refreshed and alert, feeling just wonderfully and safely yourself! 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. Stretching, awake, naturally alert and feeling wonderful. Welcome back...safe and sound...insuring this every day, hour, minute and moment. . . safe and sound!


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 © 1987 by Eleanor S. Field, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved.

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