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Meditations For Life

Accessing Your Musical Genius—A Supportive Meditation

© 2011 by Will Joel Friedman, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

(This is a mildly adapted transcript of an evocative visualization that was given its world premiere on June 25, 1992 at the National Conference of the American Harp Society at the University of San Diego in San Diego, California. This article, growing out: of the wonderfully positive response to the presentation, was written to fulfill the need expressed.)


This supportive meditation and visualization script evolved from a broader script entitled "Accessing Your Genius" which the author has successfully employed for many years in helping individuals powerfully design a self-image of worth and effectiveness. Upon working professionally with numerous musicians, and particularly harpists, an adaptation of the script was to design a successful winning image of musicians, to themselves expressing their musical strengths, assets and genius.

The key premise undergirding this script is that each harpist does have, in fact, what it takes to be a fine and even superior musician, with sufficient natural gifts, time commitment, desire and practice. The real issue is not whether you have what it takes to be a superb harpist, but rather is how you can harness, take what you have and express it out. Thus, the crucial question is: How can you best access all of your musical harpistic assets? This hypnotherapy script, combining visualization with being relaxed, where you are more open to suggestions with less of the critical mind present, is one answer.

How to Use this Script:

Since it is practically unfeasible to be in a receptive state of relaxation and read this script to yourself, it is recommended that this script be read onto a cassette tape, and thereafter repeatedly listened to in a quiet, restful, private environment. To steep your unconscious in this script dozens or even hundreds of times would help maximize its effectiveness. It needs to be read in a slow, but emotionally interesting manner using a low, soothing, calm voice.

Of course, those taping this script have the privilege of further individualizing the script by making judicious deletions and / or additions to more carefully tailor it to their specialized instrument, musical activity, needs, requirements, goals and purposes in its use. In which case, you need to follow these simple rules for additions: (1) Be wholly affirmative and name only the solutions without any mention of the problem; (2) Be concise and to the point; (3) Be emotionally vital and passionate in your language selection and (4) Paint in words and images an inviting, attractive picture of yourself doing what is within you to offer.

George Demont Otis        Santa Venetia Marsh

Yes. . . right. . . you are becoming just as deeply relaxed, serene and restful as will best serve you. . . on your healing journey today. . . That's just fine. . . You are right where you need to be to really give yourself to this very pleasant. . . and uplifting. . . creative experience.

Allow a deeper part of you, your Higher, True, and Best Self to take you to the very level of comfortable relaxation that will best serve you on your positive pathway of growth. Go deep, deeper and deeper with every breath you take. . . every beat of your heart. . . every word I say. . . and every sound you hear. Very fine. Going way. . . way. . . way down, and allowing your Higher Self to easily and gently, beautifully and quickly transport and project you to a simply splendid and vitally alive setting in nature. Be there now, basking in the radiance of late springtime, under a warming, sun-shiny sky. P-E-A-C-E. . .

Let's invite your precious Unconscious to be vitally, magnificently present for all that occurs here today, for it is our Unconscious that actually "runs the show" of our lives. Take the illustration of sailing, whether you have done this yourself or simply watched others. The conscious self or ego is like the person shifting where she situates herself in the craft, working the lines of the sails and turning the tiller And, as you soak it all up, be at deep and abiding connected to the rudder. Yet…it is the wind, the water and the boat—the Unconscious—that direct our sailboat most powerfully. With the greatest of respect, our Unconscious can really listen and fully absorb all that occurs here for the best and highest good of us and all others concerned, and we are most grateful for all of this guidance and direction. . . Thank you once again. . .

Today, you have the wonderful opportunity to discover within you a buried treasure of musical abilities, skills and expertise you were only dimly aware of before. For numerous disciplines of science have documented the enormous treasure-trove of untapped and unused talents and genius within every one of us, beyond the farthest stretch of our imagination. Within a spiritual perspective, it is clear indeed that Our Source has already put inside us what we require for success in our own arena. What a good feeling to accept and understand this more fully day-by-day.

Today, you have willingly agreed to absolutely know and honor these capabilities within you, as you naturally find and accept what has been gifted to you. For this to be most masterfully accomplished, I need your sincere help. I'd like for you to freely choose to set aside your "inner critic", you know, the one who always seems to have something negative or undercutting to say about you or the world. Let's give this inner critic some time off. . . a holiday. Bon voyage! Won't hear from you for a while, possibly a good long while. . . Now, isn't that better?. . . really refreshing. . . This "inner critic" can return when necessary.

This healing journey requires two simple steps. First, you need to go within to a place of unconditional love and honest truth telling, which allows total acknowledgement of your special, unique gifts, especially in the musical arena. Second, it is necessary to create an opening or channel—an entryway—in order to bring forth or access these genuine gifts. You'll beautifully accomplish both these steps in the Light and whole-hearted Support of Our Source, and you can be most grateful for this.

Let's still go a little deeper now. . . into this cozy, secure space. . . let's now journey on an inner vision quest to a place of total love, healing love, unconditional love. . . as well as firm and even fierce truth-telling: bounteous, ever-flowing love and grounded, realistic honesty.

It might be a special, enchanting room filled with golden white, shimmering light from a series of skylights. . . or the heart of a blossoming garden filled with lovely smells and beautiful flowers at the peak of Spring's renewal. . . or on the aquamarine shoreline of a beautiful tropical island. . . or somewhere of your very own choosing and design. As you take three deep breaths, gently, smoothly and easily transport yourself to YOUR LOVING PIACE OF TRUTH-TELLING. One. . . deep breathe in. . . and out. Two. . . another deeper breathe and hold. . . and release. And three. . . deep inhale and. . . let it go, as you are now in Your Loving Place of Truth-Telling. . . with all your senses attuned both outside you. . . and, especially, inside you. . . Good. . .

Interestingly, as you arrive here and fill yourself with this revitalizing energy, you start to realize how most of us are actually pretty aware of ourselves—of both our areas of strength and challenge. You start to be attuned to all of this, while giving particular attention to your musical strong points, your special abilities, your skills, your assets. . . actually, your musical genius.

With the help of your Higher Self, also known as your True or Best Self, that is, your inner source of loving acceptance and guiding wisdom, begin taking a realistically honest inventory of all your best parts. . . Without selecting or censoring, simply know your true gifts in this life. . . Take the time to experience, respect and honor each. . .

Choose from the following what is honestly fitting and sweetly uplifting for you, as the unique harpist, musician and artist you are:

  • Imagine, listen and feel yourself intuitively practicing and performing with a tremendous power of concentration. . . and supreme focus, naturally presented in a wonderful clarity and facility in technique. . .
  • Imagine, listen and feel yourself acting as a well-tuned, well-balanced and masterful coordinator of hands with feet and head in a synchronized, graceful dance upon the strings and pedals. . . all reflecting superb agility and unity of purpose. . .
  • Imagine, listen and feel yourself inspiring enthusiasm and musical excitement, releasing a scintillating, high-energy performance that touches the spirit of all who have ears to hear and senses to feel. . .
  • Imagine, listen and feel having your very own sparkling brilliance literally ooze out of every pore, out of every musical note. . . conveying your very real love for your instrument and its capabilities, as your talents and genuine thankfulness are so clearly communicated. . .
  • Imagine, listen and feel yourself lyrically shaping, distinctly molding and skillfully fashioning each musical phrase, and thus liberating and freeing your instrument to sing and soar to the heights of excellence in the minds, hearts and souls of your grateful listeners. . .
  • Imagine, listen and feel yourself boldly daring to be full-out expressive, truly letting yourself fly into your muse of music, opening up a large range of dynamic expression. . . and an equally large scope of lovely tone and sound quality. . .
  • Imagine, listen and feel yourself creating your harp practicing into a personal act of loving devotion which you willingly give yourself to. . . embracing the necessary practice with the quiet joy and musical wonder that comes with disciplined, steady growth. . . making the heartfelt vow and commitment that propels accompanying actions. . . all effectively accomplished on a regular daily basis like clockwork. . .
  • Imagine, listen and feel yourself exuding all your unique, thrilling talents and gifts with all the graceful relaxation, comfortable style and peaceful elegance of a fully-rehearsed, fully-prepared, fully-grounded and fully matured individual, unfolding with your personal pacing that best permits you to gently blossom where you are. . .

As the list fills up, notice that much more remains. . . In fact, there are more genuine assets within each of us than we can imagine at first. If you choose to, you might notice how numerous talents seem to naturally go together, pointing to specific ways for you to successfully enter and engage in your chosen realms of interest to maximize your success. That's correct. . .

A deep and abiding trust in your memory strengthens with every breath you take, every moment that passes, every beat of your heart, with every word you read and every sound you hear. . . a trust in not only the visual memory of your piece, but your feeling of the musical phrases. . . dearly remembering the musical order, the chord and pedal changes. Further, notice your talent for vividly molding your expression, almost as if your instrument was magically playing you. . . Your music flows, supported by the muscle memory of the movement patterns. . . and you can distinctly recall the melodic 1ine as you LISTEN TO YOUR INNER SET OF EARS. . . I AM ONE WITH MY HARP, MY AUDIENCE, AND MY SOURCE. . .

See, hear, feel and experience it all. . . all your senses saluting and honoring all the genius that is realistically and honestly present within you. Just take a moment to let this all be present. . . and soak it all up. . . like a giant sponge filling itself to overflowing with healthy, sweet-tasting, crystal-clear mountain spring water from on high. Great.

Now, having seen your strengths, talents, abilities, skills, genius and real gifts through the eyes and senses of love and honesty, it is now a matter of finding your unique doorway or channel to bring these to life. From Your Loving Place of Truth-Telling, in which all your musical gifts and genius are displayed and recognized. . . you can find a passageway for their becoming available. . . and fully expressible.

Just like uniting the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic Ocean by digging the Panama Canal, you can unite your God-given, self-developed, true musical genius at the harp with your present reality and life. What it takes to unearth this buried treasure within you is literally building "an inner canal" from one to the other. Visualize doing all it takes to build this wondrous entryway, channel and "inner canal."

As you continue to fashion this inside you, know that, like in a combination lock, there may well be many key factors or elements which, when put together in the correct order, actually construct this entryway. See, hear, feel and experience each one getting built through changes in your thinking and perception. . . through changes in how you effectively work on accepting and constructively working with your feelings. . . through being very careful and selective of who you associate with. . . through wisely investing your time, money, energy and other resources. . . beautifully designing your success. . . realizing your wholesome goals. . . weaving the discipline of your practice. . . experiencing the joy of noticing step by step improvement every day. Ahh. . .

See, hear, feel and experience every disciplined, loving step of becoming the phenomenal player you were always meant to be: from the gentle cradling of your instrument. . . to assuredly tuning and warming up. . . to visualizing and imagining all of your musical, harpistic gifts easily and effortlessly FLOWING. . . FLOWING. . . FLOWING. . . from your analytical and intuitive brain, through your steely nerves, into your subtly responsive and agile muscles, and out of your rhythmic movements. . . in a flowing, harmonious ballet with your precious instrument. Most impressively, your well-trained and well-refined PREPARATION meeting this moment of musical OPPORTUNITY to create an outstanding performance, a riveting, heart to heart connection between you and your audience. Feel the sheer exuberance and exhilaration of challenging yourself and all of your fine capabilities as you challenge your audience of appreciative listeners to rise with you to new musical heights together. . . Glimpsing through glissandos, travelling through trills, awakening with arpeggios and sliding through scales. . . all motions relaxed and graceful. . . peaceful and renewing. . . appreciate the intensity. . . the passion. . . and the excellence. . .

Experience yourself realistically TAKING YOUR MUSICAL STRENGTHS, UNIQUE GIFT'S AND HARPISTIC CENIUS INTO YOUR PRACITCAL DAILY LIVING. Like a rose beginning to bloom petal by petal, enjoy getting in touch with bringing forth your best attributes as a harpist. Dig out numerous entryways, "inner canals" for expressing your very best! Linger here. . . let it in. . . be as one with all you are. . .

Let everything within you be freed up. . . available. . . expressing. . . and contributing to you and everyone. Every time you reconnect here, which you can easily choose to do quite often, this will create an even more powerful clearing to give and receive your genius. . . like digging a deeper and wider "inner canal" to give still greater access to all your finer abilities.

Now fully accessing your harpist's best, your special gifts, your musical genius. . . Everyday you are more fully able to recognize, accept, know and embrace all that is within you. . . and the world wakes up and salutes your contributions, too. YES! It's time. . .

Let all of this go deep within you to always treasure, respect, honor and tap, every time you say ""ACCCESS MY BEST", which will be often. What a pleasure to "Access By Best"—it's an all win for every one!

So, releasing all that needs releasing. . . Good. . . and remembering all that best supports your healthy musical evolution. . . as an extra-ordinary harpist, as an extra-ordinary human being. . . gently let's begin our return to a fully awake and alert state. . . feeling warmly fulfilled in knowing all you now know. Very well indeed. So, slowly raise the refreshing energy all around you as you notice all the extraordinary new growth in Your Healing Place. . . all the shades of green, the ripening fruit and vegetables, the opening flowers with their charming fragrances.

As we count from FIVE to ONE, becoming fully and normally awake and alert, wonderfully refreshed I rejuvenated and re-energized on all levels. . . FIVE. . . physically feeling terrific. . . FOUR. . . emotionally whole, centered and grounded. . . THREE. . . mentally clear with excellent perceptivity, focus and concentration. . . TWO. . . spiritually attuned, uplifted, cleansed and purified. . . and ONE. . . MUSICALLY RADIANT. . . INSPIRED. . . AND CAPTIVATING. Fully awake, aware and alert. . . stretching. . . feeling great. . . AHH. . . Lovely.

George Demont Otis        Bend in the River

© Copyright 2013 by Will Joel Friedman, Ph.D.

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