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Keeping A "C-L-E-A-R" Head—A Supportive Meditation

© 2011 by Will Joel Friedman, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

[Originally published in Medical Hypnoanalysis Journal, 13 (2), March 1998, 93-96.]


This hypnotherapy script is designed to powerfully aid individuals with tension, cluster and migraine headaches in creating what relief they are willing to receive at this moment. It has proven to be both remarkably simple and helpful, particularly when the earliest warning signals of disturbance are recognized as present. With minor adaptations, it can be useful to any acute or chronic pain challenged clients with localized pain.


Yes...glide higher and higher... lighter and lighter... way, way up like an eagle's feather on a warm, pleasant summer breeze...or drift deeper and deeper... heavier and heavier... way, way down like a beautiful multicolored autumn leaf gently lowering itself into the nurturing mulch...just as relaxed...and comfortable...and cherished...and loved as will truly best support, enliven and enlighten your healing pathway today.

That's right, simply, easily and smoothly journey to your own space of SAFETY, CARE, and COMFORTABLE WARMTH within yourself. Yes, be wholly, holy there...

Now take a look inside, deep inside, and notice any disturbance, upset or pain, especially in your head. Gently tune in for a moment, and with your wisest inner eyes and vision, begin to receive the real message and feedback from your body, if you are willing and ready to receive it. It's all right to take a very deep, freeing breath and become ever more aware of what supportive direction is being offered from your head or body, all contained in this information package of discomfort.

Check in with a true, astute and even profound part of who you authentically are. You might find that you are too much in your head, logically and reasonably trying to figure out your life and problems. You might find that you have pushed the stresses and pressures in and around you into your body, specifically your head. Take a look...

If NOW is the time, HERE is the place, and YOU are the one to relieve this dis-ease and dis-stress in your head, then this RELIEF CAN AND WILL OCCUR with sheer simplicity itself. All you need do, as you even more fully give yourself to this Divine, harmonious state, even going much, much higher... or deeper...into this warm, transcending experience, is slowly breath in the healing light, air and energy that comes directly, willingly and lovingly from Our ever-present Source and soul inspiration—God alone.

As you do this, visualize the glowing, radiant holy Light coming into your nose and mouth as you deeply breath in this healing...Watch this healing Light as it travels to the specific sites of the lessening disturbance and unsettledness in your head, or anywhere else in your bodily energy system needing it.

Exhaling now, you say out-loud, or silently in your mind, "C - L - E - A - R" with a quiet strength that glows from your deepest essence, and freely RELEASE any and all disturbances in your head, or even elsewhere...

Again, breath in Our God's healing LIGHT AND LOVE, let it travel where it is most needed within, breaking up every blockage to KEEPING A "C L - E - A - R" HEAD, and saying the word "CLEAR" as you DO CLEAR any pain...any physical annoyance...any ever milder disturbance...any remaining faint discomfort, as will best support you, and letting this gently...and smoothly...and even effortlessly...MELT AWAY. That's really excellent.

You can now bring whatever is imbalanced into a new, whole balance, a new, invigorating and revitalizing harmony...still point. Simply breath in Our Source's healing LIGHT AND LOVE...that's fine...and be ever more free in releasing your breath saying, C - L - E - A - R...

In... Out..."C - L - E - A - R"... Again, In... Out... C - L E - A - R"... FEEL THE RELIEF COURSING THROUGH YOU.

This past disturbance is now past as you come to a new view of this whole experience. You also come to a new perspective of the real, life-affirming kernel of truth this bodily feedback carried with it...that now is completely releasing...

Sensing all you can sense, seeing all you can see, hearing all you can hear, and being in that LIGHT, LOVE AND HEALING, be... Let it all be... Be at peace and calm...Be with tranquility, having fully C - L - E - A - R - E - D all you were willing and available to clear. Terrific.

Know that whatever remains, if any uneasiness still lingers, this too can presently be thoroughly shed, let go of, and totally transformed into anything you desire, anything that assures you, anything that transports you to YOUR BEST SELF.

Anytime, anytime at all you desire KEEPING A CLEAR HEAD, all you need do is take a deep breath of healing LIGHT AND LOVE from Our beloved God's overflowing, inexhaustible cup, let it go directly where it needs to within your head or body, and say "C - L - E - A - R" as you naturally unloosen, unbind, and totally let go of anything asking for release. There now, feel the greater COMFORT spreading...

Each and every time you practice this most helpful, loving and healing approach, which can and will be often throughout the day and night, whenever appropriate and supportive of you, you will even more effectively CLAIM YOUR GOOD ON ALL LEVELS OF LIVING.

Now come back, when you choose, remembering and cherishing all that best aids your continued growth and releasing and forgetting all that best be released and forgotten. Come back to full awakening consciousness, feeling absolutely wonderful and revitalized on all levels, being absolutely CLEAR, ON YOUR OWN STEADY, SOLID GROUND, within God's resplendent umbrella of sparkling, ever-loving Light.

George Demont Otis         Sycamore

© Copyright 2013 by Will Joel Friedman, Ph.D.

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