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Meditations For Life

The "Ebb and Flow" of Wellness—A Supportive Meditation

© 2011 by Will Joel Friedman, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

[Originally published in Medical Hypnoanalysis Journal, 6 (3), September 1991, pages 121-124.]

Yes, that's just fine. . . continue relaxing. . . going deeper and deeper into a wonderfully calm, comfortable state. . . cozy and comfy. . . as you go to exactly that depth of life-supporting comfort that will best serve you on your healing journey today. . . you are tranquil and serene. . .

Now, let your Higher Self be present, the inner wisdom inside you that nurtures you, loves you, guides and directs you for the highest and best good of you and all concerned. Let this part of you that only ever tells you the complete, loving truth, transport you to a beautiful, secure, and safe place in nature, a place of breath-taking grandeur, a place of cherished majesty, a place of 100% unqualified and unconditional LOVE OF YOU, your individual presence, essence, and being. . .
Be there now in YOUR HEALING PLACE. Actually, you may have several such special, enlivening, and personally joyous settings that are your very own sanctuaries. Be there now with all of your senses highly attuned and sharpened to all this is around you, and all that is within you, including your sixth sense of intuitive knowing. . .

As you now reach a new level of deep peacefulness and inner calm, know that you can provide yourself a tremendous opening for WELLNESS. Noticing any lingering problems or challenges you face with your physical, emotional, mental, social, economic, or spiritual HEALTH, here is a powerful approach to create an inner readiness and responsivity for WELLNESS.

With any sign or symptom of ill-health, you can now visualize life-restoring, rejuvenating energy flowing through you. Possibly see this in the form of a warm, glowing, golden-white Light from Our Source. Breath in this life-sustaining Light as you let in and fully accept "TOTAL HEALTH AND WELL-BEING". Let this vital, healing, intelligent energy go to wherever you most need it within your body and being, making you whole and healed.

Visualize any brackish darkness slowly draining and releasing as you Exhale and push out "ANYTHING DIFFERENT THAN COMPLETE HEALTH". That's right, simply let it ooze out of you, without any naming or empowering of it. . . gratefully letting it be gone. . . that's correct. . .

Again, Breathe in the healing Light from whence we came as you now claim "TOTAL HEALTH AND WELL-BEING". Declare yourself as deserving and fully worthy of this present to yourself and all who love you. Hold that, and feel Health percolating through you ...GOOD. . . Then, Exhale and release "ANYTHING DIFFERENT THAN COMPLETE HEALTH". Feel the movement out of you of that which no longer belongs. . . even noticing what the real meaning and purpose this imbalance or challenge has for you, if this best serves you according to your Higher Self.

Once again, breathe in and let in the life renewing Light of God and TAKE your "TOTAL HEALTH AND WELL-BEING". . . Let it move you to know the real messages inside this disharmonious feedback, only when you are ready to receive them. Then, Breathe out and Free yourself from "ANYTHING DIFFERENT THAN COMPLETE HEALTH", as this continues to fall away like an ill-fitting old skin that has outworn its usefulness.

You will find that this inhale of enlightened "TOTAL HEALTH AND WELL-BEING" and EXHALE of endarkened "ANYTHING DIFFERENT THAN COMPLETE HEALTH" to be an extremely dynamic, breathing visualization. You will discover that you can use this invigorating approach again and again with ever increasing effectiveness with any "dis-ease", especially at the earliest possible warning. You might find that your health is additionally enhanced when this image is combined with lots of tender, loving rest. . . gentle quiet. . . peaceful company. . . pleasant pacing. . . affirming, inspired prayer. . . nutritious fruits and vegetables. . . strengthening exercise you enjoy. . . and body flushing, cleansing, and purifying liquids. . .
Now, rest easily and comfortably once again in Your Healing Place as you effortlessly feel the life-warming and revitalizing Light from Our Source. Slowly and carefully breath in this Light's "TOTAL HEALTH AND WELL-BEING" and let this go deep inside you, where it is most needed and necessary. . . good. . . And now release and push out any chilly darkness as you exhale "ANYTHING DIFFERENT THAN COMPLETE HEALTH". That's very, very good. . . in. . . and. . . out. . . In. . . and. . . Out. . .

Be, at peaceful acceptance. . . like nature. . . like the oceans' tides. . . with their EBB. . . AND. . . FLOW. . . , ebb. . . and. . . flow. . . Whenever you desire or are called to recreate this entire experience, this inner environment ripe for strong, sustainable Health, all you need to do is remember the key phrase "EBB AND FLOW". Know that you can choose to recall this breath-taking visualization by repeating in your mind or out-loud "EBB AND FLOW" as you take a deep breath. Each and every time you choose to do this you will find it a very effective support for once again creating the COMPLETE HEALTH, JOY, AND CONTRIBUTION you are truly entitled to.

Now, when you are willing, and at your own pace, smoothly and gently bring yourself back to full waking consciousness. . . fully awake, staying aware, very clear and focused of mind, whole and grounded of heart, and enlightened and sustained of spirit. . . on what is essential to you.

George Demont Otis         Mahbra Moutains

© Copyright 2013 by Will Joel Friedman, Ph.D.

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