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Meditations For Life

The Dynamic Laws of Healing—A Summary

Dr. Christiane Northrup

[Dr. Christiane Northrup's Health Wisdom for Women, April 2004]

[Affirmations from Catherine Ponder's book The Dynamic Laws of Healing (DeVorss & company 1989]

Note: This summary of Catherine Ponder's dynamic laws of healing by popular health educator and author Dr. Christiane Northrup is presented with the understanding that these laws, applications and affirmations can be useful in helping create a willing, open and receptive context to discover and unveil the well being you are and can claim in your life. Affirmations can serve as a vision that is held in the present that can give clear direction to our thought, feelings, attitude and behavior, and only really make any positive difference in combination with repeated daily application in direct actions. They are not magical wishes, hopes or promises for you to be set up later to be disappointed that they did not materialize. Everything here is not to be taken literally, perceived as gospel, held rigidly as fundamentalist truth, or be misapplied to proselytize and enroll others. Like every tool, it can be well used or misused. May this summary be of service for you and everyone's well being. Enjoy.

Will Joel Friedman, Ph.D.


I've summarized Catherine Ponder's Healing Laws so you can refer to them easily, as part of your regular health routine. These laws have transformed my life. And I truly pray that they have done-or will do-the same for you. I recommend you apply them regularly in your life. They will provide a firm foundation for your health happiness, and freedom. Blessed be.

The Healing Law of "Chemicalization"

When you put yourself on the path of improved consciousness or improvement of any kind, you are introducing new "chemicals" of hope and happiness into your body and your life. Everything in your body and your life that can't handle the new, higher voltage now appears so it can go away. That's why things often get worse before they get better.

Applying the Healing Law of Chemicalization: Fear not. If you have a symptom during the chemicalization process, meet it with wonder. Say to yourself, "Wow! I'm really doing something right! How fascinating! I am now ready for more joy, happiness, and fulfillment or this wouldn't be happening."

The "No" Law of Healing

This healing law involves using the creative power of your mind and thoughts to say "no" to a symptom or circumstance you don't want in your life. The "no" law of healing doesn't deny the diagnosis or the symptom, it denies the prognosis! When you deny the dire consequences of a prognosis, you're aligning with the law of attraction to produce a better result.

Applying the "No" Law of Healing: Use the following "denials" whenever you need to:

  • This is not true. There is no evil. Only good shall come from this.
  • There is nothing to fear, for there is no power to hurt or be hurt in this situation.
  • My life (health, prosperity, happiness, success) and my good cannot be limited! I am unfettered and unbound.

George Demont Otis        In Back of White's Hill

The "Yes" Law of Healing

The "yes" law of healing is based on the positive power of affirmations and words. Words have the dynamic power to either harm or heal and should therefore be used consciously and carefully. Every word that you speak has its own vibration. And that vibration goes out into the atmosphere and attracts its energetic equivalent back to you by the law of attraction.

Applying the "Yes" Law of Healing: Repeat affirmations that inspire you, like those below:

  • I breathe in divine love and consciousness with every breath and my body, mind, spirit, and emotions are transformed, rejuvenated, and enlightened.
  • Great prosperity, joy, peace, and health shine through me and within me and I am free.
  • My life is easy, enjoyable, and fulfilling on all levels.

The Healing Law of Love

Love awakens your heart and opens the body and soul to divine love. Unlike emotions such as hate, resentment, or fear, which literally cut off this life force, love produces positive energy in your body. This can bring about profound healing. Affirming divine love helps neutralize deadening emotions, setting the stage for health to be restored.

Applying the Healing Law of Love: Consciously bless, appreciate, and send divine love to everything and everyone around you. Repeat the following affirmations:

  • Divine love is doing its perfect work in me and through me now.
  • Rest and relax in the healing power of divine love, and I am healed and uplifted.
  • My heart is filled with divine love, and divine love will work any miracle that needs working.

The Healing Law of Release

Any intense emotional attachment such as possessiveness, control, or jealousy keeps us in bondage and puts our health at risk. Holding on keeps us struck in the past, trapped in relationships that no longer serve us. Similarly, when we release the past, we open the door for healing energy to renew our bodies.

Applying the Healing Law of Release: We become the masters of our own lives when we speak heartfelt words of release to and for the person or thing holding us back. Experiment with:

  • I now let go everything and everybody of the past or present that has caused discomfort in, through, or 'round about me. We all go free to greater wholeness.
  • I fully and freely release this situation and let God's perfect good manifest through all these changes. Only good shall come from this.

The Healing Law of Praise

As in the law of attraction, whatever we praise expands and is attracted into our personal experience. Given that, it should be no surprise that praise and thanksgiving can invoke great healing power. Weirds of praise help improve the energy field around us. The more you praise and give thanks for something, the more it increases in your life.

Applying the Healing Law of Praise: Make the law of attraction work for you, not against you. Don't dwell on something you don't like-it only magnifies the problem, giving it negative power. No matter what condition you are in, find at least one part of your body to praise. Even if it's only an eyebrow. Be conscious of your blessings. The more you look, the more you'll find. It's magic.

The Mystical Law of Healing

Most unhappy people have relationship problems, and these often breed health problems. You can heal unhealthy relationships by clearing inharm6nious ideas from your thinking. The Mystical Law of Healing accomplishes this by the process of writing a letter to the higher power or angel of the person who is bothering you-living or dead-in secret.

Applying the Mystical Law of Healing: Don't worry about what you're going to write. Just have the intent to connect with the person's angel. You'll find that the right words will just come to you. Once you start using this letter-writing technique, you'll be amazed at the results.

The Healing Law of Giving

Ponder believes that stagnant energy-congestion-is the cause of disease. The remedy is to increase circulation. Because of the seamless connection between our bodies, thoughts, and surrounding, you can increase circulation in your physical body by giving away something of value. And gifts of all kinds-whether kind words or money-are also an act of faith that opens a path for spiritual help.

Applying the Healing Law of Giving: If you want better health on any level-either physical or financially-you have to get rid of congestion. This creates a vacuum that will attract new energy into your life. Eliminate the clutter in your surroundings. Equally important: Give ten percent of your income to your source of spiritual inspiration. Give freely with no strings attached. This opens the floodgates of heaven.

The Imaging Law of Healing

The imaging Law of Healing attests to the creative power of thought. The thoughts we hold become physical realities over time. Use your mind to imagine wellness, prosperity, and peace of mind instead of a negative outcome.

Applying the Imaging Law of Healing: Train your imagination by making time each day to use it creatively. Picturing good health on an occasional basis is not enough-you must imagine with intensity, being definite about how you want to feel and why. Think back to times when your health was at its peak and store these moments in your memory bank. Return to them as often as you need to. This will boost your imagine power. Affirm:

  • I am a radiant child of God. And my body, mind, and spirit grow more healthy and vibrant every day.

The Hidden Law of Healing

There is hidden power of the phrase I AM. It stirs and awakens your divine nature, because I AM is the name of God within you. To meditate consistently on the statement "I am the light of the world" can flood your whole being with light and drive out darkness.

Applying the Hidden Law of Healing: Understand that your I AM power is always within you and can be used any time. Just repeat the words I AM for five minutes. Notice how uplifted you feel. With this renewal comes the power to accomplish new goals and overcome health problems. Do this daily for one week-you'll be astounded by the difference it makes. Before going to bed, say:

  • I shall arise in the morning filled with energy, radiance, and the power to accomplish the things I was born to accomplish. I am health, strength, peace, happiness, and prosperity.
  • I am happy, free, and uplifted.
  • I am rested, well-balanced, and always in a good place.

The Surprise Law of Healing

The role of forgiveness in healing is still a surprise to most people. Ponder writes, "It is an immutable mental and spiritual law that when there is a health problem, there is a forgiveness problem. The act of forgiveness dissolves negative memories and attitudes that are lodged in both our conscious and subconscious minds." Forgiveness does not mean that hurtful events are okay or that the people involved were justified. Forgiveness is not done for the person who has wronged you. It's done to free you from bondage.

Applying the Surprise Law of Healing: Forgive regularly, whether or not you think you have something to forgive. Forgive even when it isn't justified. This allows you to go free to the best life possible. And don't forget that sometimes you are the person who needs forgiveness the most.

The Miracle Law of Healing

The Miracle Law of healing as put forth by Catherine Ponder, involves invoking the miraculous power of healing through repeating and calling on the name of God. Know that you can access the miracle law of healing through repeating the name of God that most appeals to you whether that be Jesus Christ, the Divine Mother, Allah, or the Great Goddess.

Applying the Miracle Law of Healing: There is something very calming and wonderful about believing and knowing that there is a power greater than you who is present at all times and willing to lift your burden from you. Anyone can "Let Go, and Let God." All you have to do is call on that power, deliberately turning your attention to the Source and asking for help.

George Demont Otis        Hills and Mountains



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