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The Flow of Money, Business and Innovation

Claiming the Well Being You Are—Transforming Your Relationship to Money

© 2009 Will Joel Friedman, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

"So do not worry, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'what shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' (. . . ) But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."

The Bible, Matthew 6:32, 34; 7: 8-9

"Money is merely a symbol of energy. One can use energy wisely or foolishly;
generously or selfishly; freely, or with greedy attachment. Money is capable of doing a great good. To use it rightly is to perform a useful, even a spiritual service; it is not materialism."


As nobody gets out of this life alive, so everyone without exception has a relationship with money. It's unavoidable and inevitable. The only real question is this: what relationship will you and do you have with this resource called money? Goodness knows that any one of us can make anything, including money, into essentially anything and everything under the sun. In fact, everyone is imbued, conditioned and imprinted with his or her unique emotional and modeling history with money from the earliest years on this planet, usually learned in our families with parents, siblings and extended family. Like a pair of sunglasses, your money lenses color your world, attitudes and relationships.

Heaven knows you can make money into heaven or hell, and anything in-between. A great many of us grew up in households in which money was a source of unhappy distress, heated arguments, feared poverty and outright loss of love and even destitution in the roughest economic times. In this vein, some people think St. Paul in the Christian tradition said that money is the root of all evil. He didn't. What he actually said was that, "The love of money is the root of all evil," alluding to how attachments can cause harmful behavior. This perspective in the West is mirrored in the East. The keystone of Buddha's teachings is all suffering is caused by ignorance and that greedy, clinging, clutching attachment is the single greatest cause of all suffering in the world.

What you allow your mind or ego, this imaginary sense of self and false identity, to make of money is what produces all the apparent problems with money. Pause and reflect in this present moment what you feel when you think about money. Some people immediately become anxious and nervous, others fearful and panicky, still others tune out, escape and go blank or numb. Some start to feel burdened, heavy and overwhelmed, while many others would rather change the conversation, given that anything to do with money is secret and taboo period. Some hopeful, optimistic souls start to relish all they can do with money in terms of buying material goods, entertainment, traveling and fun. Some people think money can buy them happiness, comfort and security-it doesn't. Don't we all know several fairly wealthy people who are quite miserable and unhappy?

So, what exactly is money? What relationship have you had with money? What relationship do you want with money right now? Does money need your mind assigning a whole host of meanings to what money stands for? Are any of these even true? You can notice what your mind or ego has made money into, all the meanings it has dreamed up for what money is, and gladly rejoice in releasing them more and more every moment. Freed from all attachments to money, and knowing our essential needs are met every present moment purely out of being who we truly are, along with our acting in accord with our inner intuitive wisdom, author Henry Miller's awareness rings true: "I have no money, no resources, no hopes. I am the happiest man alive."

George Demont Otis        Incoming Tide

Money as a means of valuing certainly can and does support meeting the essential needs of life for our self-preservation and survival. Beyond meeting this need, what does money do for us? Actually money in and of itself does nothing. Money is money-nothing more or less. It simply is. In all truth, money throughout time is purely a tool that can be used wisely or foolishly. Freed from greed, love and attachment to money as well as worry, fear and apprehension about money or the lack of money, money is actually and purely a means of exchange, communication and interconnectedness. It could be seen as Spirit's bread of life-manna-rather than worldly hard currency-mannon.


Tell me your consciousness regarding money, and it is highly and accurately predictable what your life circumstances are. How could our consciousness not mirror our life conditions moment by moment? Since nothing is denied us by our Source, it is up to each of us what we make our lives. If, as I strongly suggest, everything is freely given to us by our Source, then what about claiming as heirs the well-being we are? A prosperous, abundant consciousness, one distinguished by contribution and making a difference in the quality of people's lives along with heartfelt gratitude and thankfulness for everything in our lives, is what each of us have been bequeathed as our birthright and essence as expressions of Divinity. The key questions are when and how we will claim our inheritance as heirs.

When Jesus of Nazareth spoke of first seeking the Kingdom and all will be added unto us, I suggest that this was not actually a conditional statement. To dwell within Love itself and express this unbounded, unconditional Love itself moment by moment in our daily actions and lives is to inhabit this kingdom and make it wholly ours. As we ingest and digest the complete spiritual consciousness of having everything that is essential in plenty in our beings and hearts, all good is naturally attracted or added to us. This gift is actually unconditional. Once again, it's inevitable from inside spiritual consciousness.

Instead of giving us money, our Source gives us Himself, surely no greater gift has ever been given. The all-sufficiency of our Source's substance is the fulfillment of all our needs. Can we fully accept and embrace this Awareness itself as truth, no matter what the transient conditions, situations and circumstances be in life? Who we truly are does not arise and diminish, appear and disappear, come and go. What comes and goes cannot be who any one of us truly are, since our True Self is causeless, timeless, formless, spaceless, birthless and deathless. It always was, is and ever will remain. What a relief!

Clearing a loving receptive space within myself, one of Presence and the natural happiness and peace I AM, I release, let go and surrender all willful, ego-driven wanting, pushing, cajoling, selling, begging and trying to make anything happen, to attain or get or gain anything. Knowing that the only time that exists is now and that our Source only works in the now, I willingly release everything past and future, agendas and to do's, all opening room to simply be here-and-now in this precious present, this aware moment.

Every morning, as a part of greeting this gift of another day of being alive, I create a space or consciousness of gratitude for everything: for life itself, my mind and heart, body and spirit, and developing whole soul. Further, I share my yearning and desire, vision and affirmation, request and declaration to be of ever greater use and service, aid and help, contribution and making a positive difference in the quality of everyone's life I am privileged to make contact with and know. I open the space to be consciously open, receptive and responsive to the inner Voice speaking through me in the form of intuition. With heartfelt thankfulness and gratitude I humbly and lovingly request dearest our Beloved's blessing for all of this, every one and all each of us is endeavoring and offering in the Good. The cost is not substantial-absolutely nothing.

Every one of us can acknowledge the Spirit within that is our One Source of all supply. Who we truly are does not arise and diminish, appear and disappear, come and go. You can take the present circumstances with a huge grain of sand knowing that they will come and they will pass, and cleave unto a deep and abiding faith the size of a mustard seed that all is unfolding as it best can, given an untold number of factors that you may be only dimly aware of most of the time. You can help develop a vision of genuine contribution to all life and your fellow human beings in this present moment and take this vision into action moment by moment. To act is not to pretend, or to fake it until you make it. To act means to execute, operate, put forth, press on, function and commit yourself in manifesting who and what you truly are. To bring forth what is within you is to manifest your true life and inhabit your True Self.

Instead of feeding only one end of the polarity of abundance and shunning the other polarity of scarcity, it is available to be at peace with them both and transcend this polarity into simply and intuitively knowing and being our True Nature, Original Self and our liberated authentic Being. Inside of this reality, all is well and you are welcome to claim as an heir the bounty of all that is freely ever given as who you truly are. Without dictating how or what form this supply will so manifest, you can be curious, surprised and even delighted with how Spirit will shower your life with all that is essential. Bring a pure intention of coming from Good for All-Good. What is available is to create room for a lovely vision of money serving all life-a pro-life Consciousness. Jon P. Speller, D.D. in a book called Seed Money in Action (New York: Robert Speller and Sons, 1965, pages 84-86) offers "My Daily Affirmation." It is a powerful daily support for well being.


I know WHO I am.
I AM the Selector, the Director, the Guide, the Pattern Maker, the Blueprinter of that Unlimited, Unformed yet All-Powerful, Completely Obeying, Infinite Energy which every instant of my life flows through my mind.

I AM the Eyes, the fingertips, the Consciousness of that Infinite Energy.

I AM the Sole Ruler and Absolute Monarch of that Infinite Energy which flows through my mind.

That Infinite Energy is my Omnipotent and Willing Servant, follows exactly my every order.

My words and thoughts and emotions FORM that Infinite Energy into the conditions and circumstances of my life and environment. That All-Powerful Infinite Energy is constantly and precisely fulfilling-transforming-my words and thoughts and emotions into their physical counterparts.

No words or thoughts or emotions of mine ever return to me unfilled. Therefore, I am always exceedingly careful that all my words and thoughts and emotions are beneficial, positive, constructive and specific in all of their aspects. By Guiding and Directing that Infinite Energy forever flowing through my mind with words and thoughts and emotions which ARE beneficial, positive, constructive and specific, I bless myself with Perfect Health, with Ever-renewing Life, with Inexhaustible Vitality, with Everlasting Youthfulness, with Wisdom and Understanding, with Wealth, Prosperity, Happiness and an Overflowing Abundance of All Good things of Life.

I bless my fellow beings with beneficial, positive, constructive and specific words and thoughts and emotions and also with gifts of money, services, aid, help, love, praise and encouragement and claim my tenfold return on all of these from the Infinite as is both my privilege and my duty as a Conscious Expression of the Source of that Infinite Energy.

That always Obedient, All-Powerful Infinite Energy which flows constantly through my mind ALWAYS brings my tenfold return to me. Daily my capacity to receive increases, expands and magnifies.

All Good completely fills my Life and environment and the Lives and environments of all of my fellow beings.

All Good is formed from All-Powerful, All-Present, All-Knowing Infinite Energy which is MINE TO USE HERE AND NOW and is from God, All-Power, All-Presence, All-Knowledge.

And I AM One with God.

So I AM.

So it is.


All is well. It's All-Good. Love is here. Peace is ours. I AM free.

George Demont Otis        Baker's Beach

© Copyright 2013 by Will Joel Friedman, Ph.D.

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